Programmed disease resolution

By selectively constraining aggressor cell energetics to redirect phenotypic differentiation and functionality, our unique approach attenuates pathological inflammation and tissue damage and supports tissue repair processes. Moderation of the pathological triad of inflammation, autoimmunity and tissue damage drives the potential for disease resolution across a wide range of therapy areas. Our approach operates above conventional signalling pathways to provide holistic cellular moderation and resolution of disease states.

In-vitro and in-vivo efficacy signals suggest that our approach will benefit a wide range of diseases, including bone erosive inflammatory indications, autoimmune diseases, fibrotic diseases, neurological diseases and malignancies.

With a unique mechanism of effect, our compounds can be used alone or in combination with existing and developmental medicines across broad therapy areas. Adding this approach to a treatment pathway for patients can reverse disease symptomatology, repair damaged tissues and provide new opportunities to move the interventional needle from disease modification to disease resolution.

Control inflammation without immunosuppression

Arrest and reverse the pathological process

Support repair of damaged tissue

Protect tissue and cells from further damage

Restore tissue architecture

Influences cellular phenotype and activity